The Millions Mission

The Millions Card was built from the idea that you shouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars to be rewarded for your everyday spend. With many cards, you often need to spend upwards of $15,000 annually to reach break even point on the annual fee. Millions of Americans simply cannot afford to spend this much, or prefer to spend on debit cards (which offer 0% cashback), and are locked out of spending rewards.

We created Millions to add a little delight in your banking experience and help put a little bit of cash in your pocket. Every dollar spent on the Millions Visa Card earns one Millions Ticket, which can be used to win a share of up to $1,000,000. There’s no hotel, flight or reward points to worry about, just chances to win cold, hard cash. Plus, there’s no annual fee, no minimum monthly fee, 55,000 free ATMs, up to 2 day early direct deposit, and more - so there’s no break-even cost. Millions cardholders are better off from day one.


Every time you swipe a debit or credit card the store pays a merchant fee to Visa, Mastercard, or whoever issues your card. This fee covers the costs associated with accepting debit and credit cards, and is split between the card issuer and the affiliated bank.

This is how Millions makes money. Whenever you use your Millions Visa Card, we receive a tiny portion of the value spent. It really is tiny, like a handful of cents on your $10 Starbucks purchase - referred to as interchange. This costs you nothing, but it allows us to generate revenue. We pool the revenue together and turn it into opportunities for you to win with the Millions Card.

Person with a big check

If you’re ready to join us on our journey to level the spending playing field, get your Millions Card right now. You’ll earn a chance to win up to $1M with every single dollar you spend.

Ready to win?